Jawaharlal Nehru University ignored UGC rules, paid teacher in excess

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The Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) organization may wind up in a spot over infringement of University Grants Commission’s directions with respect to budgetary issues. The college not just neglected to follow UGC’s request of October 2017  in recouping excessive charge to an instructor of Rs 20.88 lakh, however even in the wake of tolerating the complaints of Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) it sat on the issue till recuperation progressed toward becoming “time-banned”.

Sources said this could be only a glimpse of a larger problem as there are near 100 cases, including that of a best JNU official, where past administration has been included for installments infringement of UGC directions and the aggregate excessive charge could be justified regardless of a few crores.

CAG, in its review report for the year 2014-15, pointed towards excessive charge of Rs 16.51 lakh to an educator as her past administration had been checked and ensuing advancement given to her disregarding UGC rules.  “The college acknowledged the review perception and expressed that the advancement to the review of partner teacher (senior scale) and partner educator allowed to the employee were not as per the UGC rules,” the CAG report states. The report included, “Since the issue identifies with undue monetary advantage and excessive charge to a worker from government finances, the issue is not kidding. The college should take quick activities to (a) recoup the overabundance installment of Rs 16.51 lakh… (b) the dates of advancement of these two scales may likewise be changed to the date of which the teacherbecame qualified according to UGC rules.”

The CAG review uncovered that not exclusively was the excessive charge of Rs 20.88 lakh not recuperated, but rather the employee kept on being overpaid. The issue was additionally conveyed to the notice of K Sharma, secretary (advanced education), service of human asset improvement by M P Singh, chief general of review, focal consumption in June 2017. The issue stayed “unattended” by the JNU organization till the recuperation wound up plainly five years of age and, consequently, time-banished regarding a Supreme Court’s judgment and DoPT’s office update dated March 2, 2016. The five-year time of excessive charge got over on May 29, 2017, after which JNU alluded the issue (featured by CAG on May 10, 2016 and March 16, 2017) to UGC in September, 2017 (a duplicate of which is with TOI).

UGC, in its answer dated October 17, 2017, expressed that “the issue was reconsidered and discovered that the college has given advancement under CAS… by damaging UGC directions. UGC directions on advancements are compulsory in nature. Any advancement infringing upon these requests is unpredictable. You are, hence, asked for to promptly recuperate abundance sum immediately and consistence report might be sent to UGC instantly.”

On receipt of UGC’s letter, the JNU bad habit chancellor on November 7, 2017 issued a recuperation arrange. In any case, the official chamber in its gathering on November 23, 2018 settled “to approve the VC to setup a board of trustees to investigate this case…” and “further settled that the issue of recuperation of overdue debts from… would be kept on hold till the receipt of reaction from CAG.” In spite of a few calls and instant messages with point by point questions on the issue to top authorities of JNU organization, including the enlistment center, no reaction was gotten till recording of this report.

An exceptionally set source in the college said that “while the college investigated every possibility to correct the UGC direction’s infringement in PhD and MPhil affirmations prompting diminishment in confirmation for the present year, a similar organization didn’t act regardless of updates got from CAG, UGC and MHRD requesting recuperation.”


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