Student Hangs Self after Harassed by Professor and Accused by mates: Bangalore

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A 19-year-old young lady understudy of Dayananda Sagar Engineering College has purportedly dedicated suicide by hanging herself at her home in Rajarajeshwari Nagar on Tuesday. The young lady’s folks are affirming that evil treatment by her cohorts and badgering by a teacher at the school is the explanation for her making the extraordinary stride. Rajarajeshwari Nagar police have taken up the case and are exploring.

The expired has been recognized as Meghana (inset) who was in the primary year of her structural designing course. Meghana is the girl of outwardly disabled bank representative Chandrashekar and co-agent society laborer Latha. The family lived in Shabhari Apartments in Channadandra of Rajarajeshwari Nagar.

As per the police, preparatory examinations uncover that Meghana was discovered hanging in her home when her folks came back from work at night. Meghana had submitted suicide by dangling from a roof fan.

As indicated by Maghana’s folks, she cleared out for school at around 8.30 am. They don’t know whether Meghana went to classes on the day and what time she returned home.

As indicated by Meghana’s mom, Meghana’s inconvenience at school began when she was challenging the class agent (CR) race. Her rival Soudhamini won the race. Latha claims that Soudhamini began spreading gossipy tidbits about Meghana and requesting that different understudies not chat with her.

Latha says that a few understudies from the school had gone to their home and stirred something up with Meghana. They exited when the family undermined to call the police. The understudies purportedly called Meghana and sent her messages.

HOD Rajkumar was educated about the occurrence and, as indicated by Latha, he asked whether Meghana was a paid understudy or a CET understudy. When he discovered that she got her seat through CET, he professedly requesting that her modify.

“My girl was a splendid understudy and a topper in the class. She go with unique excellence without going for instructing and got a seat through CET,” Latha said.

Meghana’s dad, Chandrashekar, said that Meghana was discouraged because of the consistent provocation by a school teacher and her cohorts.

“In November, there were a few issues with Meghana and her cohorts. My better half had gone to the school and met HOD Rajkumar to illuminate him about the issue. Somebody in the school had lost a cell phone and my little girl was being reprimanded for it. Maghana had not taken the versatile but rather the whole class pointed the finger at her. After that episode, my girl was obstructed from the WhatsApp gathering of the class in which notes were shared. When she approached her cohorts for the notes, they would cannot. They use to send messages in the gathering saying she was a terrible young lady. She was pestered each day.

“My little girl quit heading off to college after this yet we persuaded her to go and revealed to her she can join another school one year from now. She began attending a university after it revived in January. Be that as it may, she was annoyed once more. As I am visually impaired, I would not like to go to her school as she would be battered more by her cohorts,” Chandrashekar included.

Dr CPS Prakash, Principal, stated, “Yesterday, one of our first year understudies submitted suicide. We have discovered that she had two accumulations in the first and second semesters. She was unpredictable to the school. Her sister and mom had gone to the school and talked with the instructors. They said she was dull at home and pondered what was going on. From that point onward, she was guided in the school. Going to the decisions, we don’t have that sort of setup in the school. Understudies don’t have room schedule-wise to think about, where do they have time for races? The guardians’ charge are not valid. The HOD has not bolstered anybody and there was no robbery of cell phone.

Rajarajeshwari Nagar police have taken up an instance of abetment of suicide as asserted by the guardians. “We have given over the body to the guardians after posthumous. We will make essential enquiries and make vital move.


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