75 Per Cent Attendance Mandatory to Avail Scholarships: Jawahar Lal Nehru University

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A roundabout issued by the Jawahar Lal Nehru University making 75 for each penny participation compulsory for profiting grants, partnerships and different offices including inn is at the focal point of a crisp standoff including understudies and the organization of the unmistakable foundation. Everything began with understudies boycotting classes and taking out parades inside the grounds against a college heading that made 75 for each penny participation necessary for understudies of all courses including low maintenance. In the midst of the dissents, another round was issued on February 3 which expressed that 75 for every penny participation was obligatory for benefiting grants and associations and different offices. Annoyed over not having the capacity to meet the Vice Chancellor to talk about issues identified with the necessary participation arrange, a few understudies had on Thursday laid seige to the JNU organization square. The Delhi Police yesterday enlisted two FIRs against the understudies for limiting two senior authorities from leaving the working for a considerable length of time. In spite of the fact that different colleges and foundations in Delhi have mandatory participation until post graduation level, more casual guidelines are appropriate for MPhil and PhD understudies.

In Delhi University or its associated schools, an undergrad understudy needs at least 66 for every penny participation to sit in a semester exam. Be that as it may, it is appropriate for undergrad and post graduate understudies just and not to look into researchers. “Requirement of these tenets varies from school to school,” an educator of Ramjas College said. Jamia Millia Islamia University has 75 for each penny participation prerequisite for UG and PG. “Just to teach semester, participation is mandatory for MPhil and PhD understudies, and They don’t have any such principles for different semesters as much field work is included,” Dr Saima Saeed of the college said.

For understudies of Ambedkar University of Delhi, the govern is casual as they move to consequent years beginning from first year UG with least necessity of 65 for each penny. As far back as the strike started and finished in a “gherao” on Thursday, JNU understudies have been sitting for classes led in yards and different places on the grounds. Understudies of Center of Social Medicine and Community Health (CSMCH) even introduced their PhD summary before the staff in an open grass yesterday. “Understudies are not battling for the privilege to not go to classes, we are battling for the privilege to learn without trivial and discretionary regimentation, in the best conventions of JNU.

Actually, educators have been supporting the understudies’ strike by holding classes and even exams in the outside,” JNUSU President Geeta Kumari said. The understudies say the current techniques in the college as of now guarantee support of understudies. “Ceaseless assessment, general tests, introductions, classroom cooperation, assignments, instructional exercises, research projects and so forth are now set up. What is the motivation behind this decision which wasn’t passed by Academic Council?” Kumari said. Addressing PTI, Chief Proctor Kaushal Kumar said the JNU takes after tenets and controls and the course on obligatory participation was issued after it got the gesture from the Academic Council.

Be that as it may, JNU understudies association and educators affiliation keep up it was not passed in the Academic Council. Several understudies, drove by Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union (JNUSU), have picketed outside every one of the entryways of the building and went up against and halted senior college authorities who endeavored to go out. Two FIRs have been enrolled against the JNU understudies for wrongful restriction of two ministers in the organization square yesterday, a senior cop said yesterday.

The understudies and the organization have been at loggerheads over various issues since the present VC M Jagadesh Kumar assumed responsibility. Their requests incorporate a gathering with the Vice Chancellor. They are additionally squeezing that the Academic Council meet be held as planned on February 23 and move back of mandatory participation.


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