What’s the difference between B.Tech ICT and B.Tech ICT with minor in CS?

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BTech in ICT would be a really good mix of computer science, electronics, telecommunications, and humanities which will help you to solve challenging problems by connecting emerging techniques in all these fields (i.e. CS, ECE, IT), put them under the right social context (this is where humanities studies will help), and delivering in an elegant way (this is where communication & design studies will help).

On the other hand, BTech in ICT with CS (Computational Science) as minor is an extension to the same agenda but with a special focus on problems in the field of natural sciences (physics, chemistry, biology) and socio-economic sciences (financial modelling, etc.) … students will be combining techniques from the field of CS, ECE, IT and also fundamental knowledge of natural/social sciences to solve problems related to the field of natural/social sciences.


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