Aditya College of Nursing

Courses Offered

Caring for sick people with the science of health care. It is a vital component of any form of medical care. The largest group of workers in the health sector are those in the nursing occupations as nurses and nursing assistants. In a hospital from the general ward to the operating  theater, nursing forms an integral part.

Nursing duties are manifold and cover a wide range of functions and responsibilities, that depends with the level of qualification and the working environment. At the initial level, nurses are required for the bedside care of patients, while at senior level they are required to manage special group of people like psychiatric, pediatric, intensive care patients etc which require specialised skills. They are also involved in dispensing medication, keeping records of the patients progress, setting up and operating medical equipment, administration and several other routine chores.


  • Anatomy & Physiology Lab,
  • Nursing Arts / Fundamentals of Nursing Lab,
  • Maternal and Child Health Nursing Lab,
  • Community Health Nursing Lab,
  • Nutrition Lab,
  • Audio-Visual Lab,
  • Microbiology Lab,
  • Computer Lab.

 LIBRARY-We are proud to say that our library is extensive, well ventilated, and spacious with comfortable seating arrangements. There is a full time qualified and well experienced Librarian who manages the Library. There is a separate journal section. It houses with sufficient titles and volumes of latest editions of text books in various subjects of the syllabus and other general interests. Our Library is computerized too, providing e-library with internet facility. In fact, we have also establish departmental library. Aditya college of nursing also has e-Library with HELINET Facility, computers with high speed internet which enable students to download and review scientific presentations, seminars and publications.

HOSTEL-Dining, laundry, housekeeping, recreation, indoor sports facilities are provided in hostels. Medical assistance is also provided to hostel inmates.

TRANSPORT-The Institute is well connected to various parts of the city by the public transportation system,also plies its modern buses and vans to various locations in the city to cater to the needs of faculty and students.

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No.12, Kogilu Main Road,
BehinShri Annapurneshwari Temple, Yelahanka
Bangalore -

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