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Various Educational Institutions in the fraternity of East West Group of Institutions (EWGI), the time tested and trusted 42 years old group, have been catering to educational needs of students from kindergarten to various graduate and postgraduate level. EAST WEST INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (EWIT), the fairly young and yet the proud limb of EWGI, which took birth in the year 2001, snatches the limelight as a marvel for its reputation in the realm of technological education.
The sole intent of EWIT has been to provide quality professional / technical education on par with the best technical institutions in the country and elsewhere. It is apt to insert here what the Founder Chairman, Late Sri C M NAGARAJ, had to say proudly on his ambitious EWIT, a few days before his passing away: \"….. I am consciously aware that there are nearly 170 Engineering Colleges in Karnataka which are affiliated to the famed Visvesvaraya Technological University and that this number is increasing each year. A vast majority of these colleges are fairly young and are situated in and around Bangalore. They are vying to reach the top of the table to attract the best brains at the admission stage. EWIT is one of my prime dream projects. I know if it has to survive the competition and sustain at the top of the table it is possible only through superior infra-structure, highly qualified and dedicated teachers and an administration adhering to 'Discipline, Dedication and Determination'.
I have no hesitation in providing the best of everything and devote my attention, energy and finances accordingly for the glory of EWIT. I also know that the college is in the safe and able hands of the Secretary Mr. C N Ravikiran, the Joint Secretary Mr. C N Shashikiran and the principal Dr. K Chennakeshavulu. I expect them to deliver the goods for the benefits of students, faculty and the staff in a manner that the institute makes a steady and glittering progress and stays at the top of the table.

.LIBRARY- The library, in support of the educational and research mission of the college,As such, it is simultaneously collection and connection for the current and future students and faculty of the college.

.SPORTS- Department of Physical Education will continue to be recognized as a leader in extracurricular and recreational activities on campus in the society.We value student development, collaboration and professionalism.

.PLACEMENT- EWIT career counselors assist students advance their careers providing insights and support throughout the process.

.TRANSPORT- The Institute is well connected to various parts of the city by the public transportation system. Besides, EWIT also plies its modern buses and vans to various locations in the city to cater to the needs of faculty and students.

.HOSTEL- Separate hostels are available for boys and girls; while the hostel for boys is situated on the campus the girls hostel is situated at the city center close to the head office. The quality of food, its variety, nutritive values and hygiene and the discipline of the inmates are being carefully monitored by the Warden of the Hostel. There exists a facility for indoor and outdoor games. Doctors visit hostels regularly to monitor the health of inmates.

.CANTEEN- The campus canteen located in a strategic place serves delicious food at moderate rates. The kiosk adjacent to the canteen servs cooldrinks,ice-creams and fast food.Copious amount of good drinking water is available in the campus. Water softeners and purifiers are provided in the main building at easy to access locations.

.INTERNET- College is having a 10 Mbps Internet connection, locally networked and connected through wi-fi also to the central server are available for students for their project work and preparing seminar presentations. It also access to e-books, study materials, previous question papers ,teaching schedules, internal marks, attendance, daily circulars,etc. through the college Local Area Network. 

The facility is available to students 24×7. The hostel students and research students utilize the benefit of net lab during the evening hours.

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