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Pragathi Technologies  is an IT Training, Infrastructure and Service Management (IMS) company headquartered in Bangalore the “Silicon Valley of India” is promoted and managed by a group of highly experienced and skilled IT professionals. The company’s main objective is to train the aspiring IT and ITES professionals on various software technologies to meet the industry’s expectations.

Since the formation of the company in 2010, we strive to deliver well-rounded and capable IT professionals from our institute.We not only coach our students, but also counsel them to find out their best interest. Pragathi Technologies  students have proved its success by landing jobs in leading names of IT industry in India and abroad.

Since its inception in 2010, the company has grown with strategic business partnership with Redhat India pvt ltd.

More than 20,000 students have gained excellent knowledge and skills from our training institute with a proven track record of placements in many reputed IT companies in India and abroad.

History of Pragathi Technologies

Founder of Pragathi Technologies shared a similar vision of bridging the gap between IT demands and resources needed to fill them. Although huge populations of our country study IT at college and university level, unfortunately, this does not quench the requirements of the industry. The obsolete and orthodox methods of teaching have not yet managed to meet the requirements of the modern world.

There is an obvious need for quality training on courses that are in demand and have a future in IT sector. We identified a few of those technologies and started a training institute to enhance the level of expertise of young professionals. We humbly owe our success and any financial gains from the business to our commitment to deliver quality and honest services to the society

Facilities at Pragathi Technologies

We understand that IT industry today needs software professionals trained to handle real-time situations and hence there is a high demand for experts in particular niches. We facilitate our students with well- equipped labs and trainers who have tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience to share with our students for their overall grooming.

CLASSROOM TRAINING-It is an interactive, Trainer-led approach where the Trainer and the student meet in a classroom for a specific duration of time in a common location.
Although each individual has his/her own preferred method of learning, trainer-led classroom training is widely accepted as the best option to learn knowledge and skills. Trainer-led classroom training benefits from multidimensional learning—including presentation, demonstration and practice.


 Customized Training:

The reality of today’s working environment is that people are stretched more than ever before. The need to improve job skills coupled with less time has resulted in the need for training options that go beyond a traditional classroom. We develop customized learning courses to suit your goals, participant computing environments and budget.

Corporate Training:
Corporate training programs were created to sharpen or improve the skills of a company’s employees in a centralized and unified manner. Corporate training programs can also be used to train new employees or to implement new systems or processes. While some companies will argue that training costs money and valuable time, training for your employees can be worth all the effort.


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