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The primary objective of education at S.F.G.C is to create dynamic leaders in the corporate sector, entrepreneurs, academicians, researchers and professionals who contribute to the development of society and nation at large. We are committed to maintaining high academic standards and preparing our students to secure rewarding employment on graduation. At the same time we believe that S.F.G.C students should develop as individuals, gaining in self-confidence and developing a sense of enterprise.

S.F.G.C is committed to high standards of academic excellence through value-based education. With the best of faculty and infrastructure the campus ambience is conducive to learning.

The S.F.G.C campus is a prominent landmark in Banglore. The sprawling and picturesque campus is centrally and conveniently located in New Town, Yelahanka, on the Doddaballapur - Bengaluru Highway. Spread over an area of 3.5 acres, the campus has all the facilities, infrastructure and learning resources. The college is surrounded by industries, large and small, which provides avenues for industry academia interaction. The campus environment has a supportive and enriching ambience for learning and forging your future.

.CLASSROOM- The classrooms at S.F.G.C are delightful learning locations. They are well-ventilated and well-equiped with the latest in educational technology: power point presentation facilities, wi-fi equipments and acoustic and audio-visual arrangements.Tucked away in a copious campus, our classrooms are immune to the sounds of traffic-through the college is situated in an accessible area. The sylvan surrounds give a learner-friendly ambience to our classrooms.

.AUDITORIUM- The large multipurpose auditorium of S.F.G.C occupies an entire wing of the fourth floor of the college building. With a capacity for seating 1000 persons, this auditorium is one of the largest in any educational institution in the city.

.SABHANGANA-SFGC has ample infra structural facilities for curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Sabhangana (Conference Hall) on the ground floor is an air - conditioned audio video facilitated meeting place which can seat 500 individuals.

.LIBRARY- By putting students first and by striving for excellence, we try to make a difference in everything we do. As an integrated service we are able to combine the information provision skills of library staff with the technical expertise of IT staff together with the creative design and production expertise of publishing and digital media.

.CANTEEN- The food court at SFGC is a by-word for health and hygiene. Snacks, fresh food and beverages are available here. The service at our food court is prompt, and the fare provided is available at affordable prices, with the emphasis on quality and freshness. Food at our canteen caters to the needs of all tastes. Food court is located conveniently, with plenty of space. It has a healthy ambience with executive décor and furnishing and maintains the highest standards of food quality.

.HOSTEL- Everybody wants to feel at home and this is especially significant when you are starting life in a new city. Our college knows that settling quickly and adjusting properly where you live is very important to you. You will want a secure, well-located, and sociable place to stay and study. We, in our college campus, offer this environment and you are guaranteed a safe residence.

.WELLNESS CENTER- Wellness programs are coordinated by a doctor who regularly visits our institution. Free health checkups are conducted and remedies are prescribed by the doctor for our students and staff. The wellness centre is also equipped with the necessary first aid facilities. The wellness centre is equipped to handle any emergency.

MULTI GYM- A twelve-station multi-gymnasium, equipped with all the facilities required for fitness- treadmills, cycles etc- has been setup in our physical education department. The multigym is the cynosure of all the eyes in our sports centre. Aiming at the holistic well-being of our students, we define sports as an organizational competitive and skillful physical activity requiring commitment and fair play. multigym takes care of the mental and physiological well-being and development of our sportsmen. Our multigym is a platform for the sports training of our students and faculty. A healthy mind in a healthy body: this is our motto and motivation for investing in the Multigym.


-Biotechnology-Biotechnology laboratory is air conditioned and equipped with LCD projector for ICT-based teaching, with facilities for plant tissue, stem cell and animal cell culture. The state of the art apparatus can cater to regular courses as well as add on certificate courses.

-Genetic-Genetic laboratory is equipped with hot air oven, incubator and autoclave, spacious and provided with advanced instruments, the genetics lad imparts hands on training in genetics.

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