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They master concepts through rich multimedia content that brings concepts to life. Spend 70% of their time in rigorous pen-and-paper practice worksheets of the right level based on individual progress. Get instant feedback and help from subject coaches. Retain in long-term memory with Vidyanext flash cards where they automatically revisit topics periodically. And make final preparation for examsthrough deeper practice, previous year papers, and mock tests. Students love learning this way. And they succeed.

Achiever Series: Maths & Science for CBSE/ ICSE grades 7 to 10

Content mapped to curriculum. Separate coaches for Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology. Classes synced with the lesson plan of each school. Did your ICSE school start a chapter from grade 9 in grade 8? No problem! Vidyanext can alter your schedule to match your school and help you master those chapters. 

Our achiever program runs through the year with classes five days a week. The focus is on subject understanding plus marks.

Foundation Series: Maths skills for grades 4 to 6

Mastery in Maths is a foundation for future academic success. Between grades 4 to 6, kids are introduced to 160 individual maths skills. If they fall behind, they develop an aversion to maths and there is no time to catch up later. But if they master these skills, they develop confidence, and are set for success in higher grades. 

Our foundation classes ensure kids master Maths and learn to like it. We use a unique method based on progressive practice and activities.You\'ll be surprised how much your kids enjoy it.

The size and the location of the classroom, besides the physical amenities available in it, also have considerable impact on the learning attitude of the students. A clean, spacious, adequately ventilated, and well lighted classroom equipped with all the modern audio visual teaching aids will always have a positive influence on the students, making them more receptive, cheerful and enthusiastic. Classrooms at Phoenix are spacious, lavishly furnished and equipped. 

Vidyanext provides personalised Maths and Science tuition for CBSE, ICSE, State grades 4 to 11. The Vidyanext Learning System combines tutors and technology to help students succeed.

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